Earth Day 2017


Today I am lucky enough to fly above our beautiful earth (I know not the most sustainable transport) but here I am – blessed and privileged enough to be in a plane. As I fly I am reminded of my responsibility to protect our home, our earth. I am a little life but together we make up so many. Everyday our choices have an impact and we all need to decide what kind of impact/difference we’d like to make. So today please think about what you can do to reduce your impact; divest from fossil fuel supporting banks/super funds, ride a little more, reduce meat and dairy intake, think about where your clothes come from, set up a monthly donation to one of the powerful advocacy groups, start a conversation or join the fight to #StopAdani (the biggest proposed coal mine project in the world).

Happy earth day fellow earthlings- may we tread lightly today and always. 🌏🌏💚

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Full Moon


I asked them did they see

They looked confused

What they asked with suspicion

The moon I replied

Shining in the sky

Lighting up the earth

They had not..

They said they are so tired

It had been a long day

I could see the exhaustion in their eyes

The last thing they would observe

Would be the moon, they said.

I wondered how this could be

How could you not notice

A spectacular ball of energy rising

Providing light to the city.

How could I be friends

With those who didn’t acknowledge the moon

Who couldn’t even see it

Who forgot that it grew and faded

Who must not understand the moons power

Then I remembered

We are all on our own journey

In the past I to did not notice the moon

Every time she was full

Or every time she became new again

I noticed her beauty only sometimes.

I am lucky, for I have learnt

To see the moon.

International Women’s Day 2015

lean in

On Sunday 8th March millions of people across the globe came together to celebrate women and raise awareness of gender inequality. International Women’s Day (IWD) is a time to reflect on all the injustices of the world and the facet of issues that primarily women endure.  It’s also a time to celebrate; yesterday I attended ‘Local Women Inspiring Change’, where women who drive positive social change within our community were celebrated.

Over the last 5 months I have facilitated Word and Mouth’s AllWomenGV project that aims to empower and inspire females from all ages, backgrounds, experiences and passions through images. AllWomenGV hosted a photography competition; ‘Stand Up and Stand Out’ that invited individuals to submit an image of an inspirational female with the hope of breaking down gender stereotypes. Images of women were submitted for their compassion, endless giving, determination, and resilience or for the life changing role they have played in someone’s world. AllWomenGV hopes to encourage individuals to acknowledge the gifts we all have to improve our communities and the issues around gender inequality.

Over the last year there have been multiple successful campaigns that have run to break down barriers and stereotypes that have been formed around women. The short film ‘Run Like A Girl’ highlights the negativity associated with the common phrase ‘you run like a girl’ and how women themselves allow this often negative perception to continue. The ‘I Will What I Want’ campaign – reminds women that when you have will, you don’t need permission, advice or affirmation to do or be what you want.

We live in a world of inequality and injustices but one thing is certain, despite gender all dreams are created equal. In Australia we have access to education and resources to change perceptions of women both locally and globally – allowing dreams to become reality.

My second published article in the Shepparton News, 9 March 2015.

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Ordinary Happiness


Ordinary happiness;

Yoga before sunrise,

Educating for sustainability,

 Working with community.

A full moon in Leo,

 Running as the sun set,

Blogging on AllWomenGV,

Eat zucchini pasta,

With home grown/made tomato sauce,

Dreaming of the future,

Accepting the present,

Happy, so ordinarily happy!

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Celebrating Women Who Inspire


Images captured at the AllWomen workshop in Shepparton January 21.

The AllWomen project was a concept developed by 7 young people from across regional Australia at the Heywire Youth Summit held in Canberra 2014.

The Heywire AllWomen team wished for unconventional and inspirational females to be highlighted and celebrated from plumbers, mothers, teachers to farmers; all women.

AllWomen hopes to encourage community to share stories, to listen and to recognise that every single person has something to give – a lesson, a story, a laugh or a reminder. Most importantly the AllWomen project aims to engage participants to recognise that we are all surrounded by inspiring females, if we remember to open our eyes.

These young people  believe that change is possible, that women should not be discriminated based on their gender rather celebrated!

I recently read a statistic that found 87 percent of people aged 15-30 surveyed  believed that they could change the world.

I believe I can.

workshop 3

Happy Holiday Magic

In the wake of the summer solstice, new moon and new astrological year I am releasing any dissappointments, regrets and dissatisfactions from the past year. We are all moving forward into new transitions and opportunites as we bask in the light that surrounds our days and soul.

Happy Solstice to all those conscious.

These holidays I will be finding magic with my family and dancing amongst the hills of Southern Tasmania.Roald Dahl



Being Green and Jean

I am a drought baby, my childhood memories are largely connected to one of the worst droughts Australia has ever endured. I felt and observed the impacts of a changing climate on rural communities.

It was a time of financial, social and emotional challenges due to a lack of water, but I am thankful.

Living through this experience has largely contributed to the passionate and persistent young lady I am today.

I am GREEN. I’m a tree hugger (despite never draping my arms around a tree, ok maybe once), a greenie and a modern day hippie.

I can’t help it. I appreciate the ants, the purpose of fallen branches, the bees, the soil and all the tiny microorganisms that I will never see.

I am not ashamed to admit to being green, despite that in my rural community there is sometimes an enormous negative stigma attached to this perceived group of crazy, idealist people who care for the environment. The very thing that supports and enables my community to thrive.

Despite a sense of negativity towards environmentalists or these so called Greenie types, one cannot be fooled, for my community is blessed with a magnitude of people who care for the land. These individuals who make up the majority of our community do not need a name or category, for it should just be the norm, unspoken values that all rural people share.

I am filled with inspiration as I begin to connect with my community. There is Kristie, who is off the grid and uses only renewable energy sources. Next is Jim, who keeps bees and free range chooks in his back yard, there is Linda who asks, ‘Is she a Greenie’ (like it’s a bad thing) and I respond with ‘Aren’t we all, didn’t you just plant some trees in your garden?’ She contemplates her connection. Dairy farmer Stuart is using pig manure for fertiliser to spread on his farm, replacing artificial fertilisers. I met Chrystal who is planting 7000 indigenous trees and shrubs on her dairy farm and Tom who has just installed solar on his house. Michael lives just down the road where he is growing organic garlic and our next door neighbour has a 20 hectare wattle plantation.

My community illustrates that small contributions when connected make large scale, exciting change.

People are taking action, it’s inspiring and I am celebrating.

I don’t mind if people call me a Greenie, because in my community we are all a little bit green, in varying scales and in different streams. Things are changing, we are beginning to embrace our role as environmental stewards, and recognise earth is our life support both economically and socially.

Luckily for me I can be blue, yellow or purple, I am resilient, flexible and full of hope for a sustainable future in regional Australia.


ABC HeyWire submission, 2014.

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Mountains of persistence, Oceans of patience.

The world seems  horrifyingly scary, with the recent approval of the biggest coal mine ever, war in Iraq, the MH17 disaster, oil drilling in Antarctica and the constant aim for infinite economic growth via consumption of finite resources.

It is evident that short term monetary gains are more important than the impact of long term environmental destruction. The cost of pollution, unhealthy water systems, eroded land and extreme climate events are sadly not factored into economic decisions and investments.

We need drastic, rapid change that will inspire all beings to reconsider consumption patterns, our values and the world they want to live in.

I am far from perfect, but I will forever try to be.

In times of poor Governing, corruption and environmental destruction, now is the critical hour.

In times of overwhelming challenges we must remember – Mountains of persistence, oceans of patience.

We must question where to now? We must accept our duty and the means we have to make a difference.

Can we change the world?

WHAT DID YOU DO? It’s 3:23 in the morning and I’m awake…because my great great grandchildren won’t let me sleep. My great great grandchildren ask me in dreams, What did you do while the planet plundered? What did you do when the earth was unraveling? Surely you did something? When the seasons started failing? Surely you did something? As the mammals, reptiles, and birds were all dying? Surely you did something? Did you fill the streets with protest when democracy was stolen? What did you do once you knew? – Drew Dillinger




Its true the sun will rise tomorrow.

You were my light and now the sun is my light.

I am a free bird,

The world is waiting for me,

Yesterday I received hope,

That incredible things are coming my way,

I am blessed for having been loved by you,

and blessed to of loved you,

You weren’t enough and I wasn’t enough,

We cannot settle for not enough,



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Unfamiliar Stars

For some reason I am a milestone lover, I love to reflect and think about the hours, days and weeks that have passed. Despite attempting to flourish in the Now I enjoy remembering past events, particularly if they were full of glorious small yet significant moments. I reflect with joy but try not to dwell.  

So its been just over 365 days since I left Australia for India, where I landed in Kochi in the southern state of Kerala. I was alone, anxious, excited and relieved to be back in the country that had stolen my heart.

I still remember my first night in India after 13 months of waiting to return, it was humid, the monsoon was alive and it was late night. I jumped in a taxi where we drove for an hour, with the smell of Asia present.  The  coconut trees swayed in the wind, huge billboards of diamond rings and wedding dreams lit up the highway.  Road and rail construction outweighed old damaged buildings, it was quiet and peaceful. I wound down my window and felt the air of the subcontinent fill my lungs.

My adventure had begun, an unforgettable adventure of swimming in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, of praying in Hindu temples, climbing mountains, chanting OM, eating dosas and catching trains. An adventure of Mehandi, monkeys, cows, pooja, scooties, thali and Hindi speaking.

I reflect with excitement to change hemispheres, sleep under unfamiliar stars and let the journey unfold before me.